31% Of Women In Tech Roles Leave Within 12 Months

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Exciting updates coming your way from Skillsoft today! They’ve just unveiled their annual Women in Tech Report, and trust us, it’s brimming with insightful revelations. πŸ“Š

Hold onto your seats: a staggering 31% of women in the tech sector are contemplating leaving their roles within the next year. The reasons? Predominantly, it’s unsatisfactory leadership, closely trailed by insufficient training opportunities and salary dissatisfaction.

Orla Daly, the Chief Information Officer at Skillsoft, pulled no punches, declaring, β€œAn overwhelming 85% of the women we polled perceive a glaring gender gap within their teams. Alarmingly, 38% harbor reservations about their prospects for upward mobility in their careers. It’s a pivotal moment, ladies and gentlemen. It’s high time we elevate our efforts to bolster these gifted women with the requisite support and training.”

On a brighter note, here’s a nugget that caught our attention: a significant number of these tech-savvy women are eager to delve into the realm of AI. A striking 41% expressed interest. However, here’s the kicker – a whopping 60% aren’t leveraging AI in their professional roles. And of those who are, 63% feel they’re navigating uncharted waters due to inadequate training. A golden opportunity begging to be seized!

Daly further emphasized, β€œWe must amplify the participation of women in AI. Diversity is the cornerstone of innovation! By enhancing women’s proficiency in AI, we can devise groundbreaking and equitable solutions to prevailing business challenges.”

Let’s quickly spotlight some key takeaways from the report:

– Mastery of power skills is indispensable for women aspiring to leadership roles.

– Beyond AI, there’s a palpable enthusiasm among women for acquiring expertise in leadership (37%) and project management (23%).

– The quintessential attributes for contemporary tech leaders? Stellar team communication, emotional intelligence, and attentive listening skills.

– And a pro-tip for our aspiring tech mavens: Never cease learning, seek out a mentor, and hone those power skills.

In conclusion, let’s rally behind these phenomenal women in tech, championing their cause and ensuring they receive the backing required to soar in their careers! πŸš€

Flexible work hours, professional growth opportunities, and paid time off are like gold for folks in the tech industry! But get this – only about a quarter (that’s 27%) of women in tech are super happy with their jobs. And a pretty big chunk (37%) are thinking about jumping ship in the next 12 months. Ouch!

When it comes to what’s bugging them the most, it’s all about feeling stuck with no room to grow (29%), not getting paid enough (28%), and feeling like their workplace isn’t diverse or inclusive enough (25%).

Now, let’s talk perks. What do these women value the most from their employers? Drumroll, please… Flexible work hours, paid time off (who doesn’t love a good vacation?), and chances to level up with professional development and training.

Speaking of training, these tech-savvy ladies want more hands-on experience (43%) and the flexibility to choose how they learn (40%). Think interactive workshops and maybe some one-on-one coaching sessions.

Here’s a cool stat for you: 36% of these women say they’ve upped their game by earning tech certifications. And guess what? Having those shiny certificates not only boosts their confidence but also earns them some serious street cred with their colleagues.

Wondering what kind of certifications they’re rocking? “Project Management,” “Agile and Scrum,” and “ITIL, IT Service Management” are the top picks.

Quick Recap on the Survey:
Skillsoft’s Women in Tech survey went down online from September 2023 to January 2024. The mission? To dig into the challenges faced by women in tech and find out how employers can step up their game. They got input from over 500 awesome women working in tech, thanks to the Qualtrics XM Platform.

About Skillsoft:
In case you didn’t know, Skillsoft (NYSE: SKIL) is all about boosting learning experiences to help folks and organizations grow together. They team up with big businesses globally to prep today’s workforce for the challenges of tomorrow. With Skillsoft, you’re not just learning – you’re growing into a more skilled, adaptable, and engaged superstar. Through top-notch content, a personalized learning platform, and a killer network of partners, Skillsoft is all about unlocking that human potential and bridging those skill gaps. Cool, right? 🌟


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