Talking All Things Wellness In An Age Of Minimal Digital Disconnect With Gigi Vogel

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We had the pleasure of diving into the inspiring journey behind De La Heart, a trendsetting force in the wellness and beauty industry. We’re joined by Gigi Vogel, whose personal wellness voyage birthed the genesis and continuous evolution of De La Heart. Originating as a humble blog in 2017, Gigi shared wellness and beauty insights that eventually blossomed into a full-fledged skincare line in 2020. Rooted in Gigi’s fascination with the lymphatic system and its profound health and beauty benefits, De La Heart is a testament to accessible, effective, and straightforward self-care solutions.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind De La Heart, and how it aligns with your personal wellness journey?

De La Heart is the result & continuous evolution of my own wellness journey. What started as a blog in 2017, where I shared wellness & beauty tips, became a full skincare line in 2020, triggered by my fascination with the lymphatic system and the health and beauty benefits of drainage. I develop products that are accessible, effective and straightforward. Everything I would like to have on my beauty counter and in my self-care routine.


What sets De La Heart’s lymphatic drainage tools and body care products apart in the market, particularly in today’s digital age?

We were the first company to bring body tools to people’s homes in the wellness & beauty space, it was really cool to disrupt the market via social media and digital reach. After that, everyone else followed (you’re welcome), but we are always innovating and staying ahead by building and educating our community beyond the product. We believe in the importance of the whole ecosystem to live in optimal health.


How do you see the connection between physical wellness, like lymphatic drainage and dry brushing, and mental wellbeing?

One cannot coexist without the other, you see, if one pathway is blocked then everything else is disrupted. The body is a beautiful organism that it’s fully interconnected. We empower our clients to use our physical rituals as a moment to connect to themselves, breathe, slow down & talk nicely to their bodies. This creates a pause and a connection and a result that goes beyond the ritual itself.


In the age of digital overload, how can incorporating tools like dry brushing and body oils help individuals find moments of mindfulness and disconnect?

Hydration & drainage are a key part of the Ayurvedic daily self-care routine known as dinacharya. It helps soothe and balance the body and mind. Every chance you get to put your phone down, and connect to yourself is a moment of mindfulness, especially if it evoques self-love.


De La Heart offers body oils and balms. Can you share how these products can contribute to both physical and mental relaxation?

All our blends are skin-loving formulas with ingredients sourced from Latin American forests that promote natural drainage and open the body’s detoxification pathways to enhance and promote optimal health. When your detoxification pathways are open and working properly, they have a direct relationship to the way your brain performs, you counteract the effects of brain fog, anxiety, depression, and poor cognition. All these are linked to breath and a few minutes of mindfulness can enhance your mood & vitality.


What advice would you give to someone looking to integrate lymphatic drainage and body care into their daily wellness routine for improved mental clarity and focus?

I suggest starting with the body brush and building your routine from there. It’s an excellent intro to the ritual of drainage that has immediate benefits of exfoliation, increased energy, focus & mindfulness. It also calls for the individual to be present with themselves, which improves mental clarity and focus in other activities.



How do you balance promoting wellness through your products while also advocating for a mindful approach to digital consumption?

I have strong boundaries around my digital consumption and the amount of time I spend in this space. I give my apps daily time limits, which keeps me in check and away from mindless scrolling. I never enter the digital space before my morning meditation & I put it all down when I come home after work to really connect and be present with my husband and kids.


As a founder, how do you prioritize self-care and mental health while managing a business in the fast-paced digital world?

I live under a strict and organized schedule, which allows me to fit in time for myself and still get everything done at work. I’m an early riser, my days start at 5am and end at 10pm, I prioritize meditation, clean diet, sleep & movement. These keep me performing at an optimal level.


What’s next for De La Heart? Are there any new products or initiatives on the horizon that focus on enhancing mental wellbeing alongside physical wellness?

Yes, we’re preparing for a full rebranding and the natural evolution of the brand. We’re moving beyond the body and into new exciting categories that I’ve always wanted to work on. De La Heart it’s an expression of who I am, and I’m always growing and evolving towards bigger and better. 


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