Podcasts For People Who Don’t Like Podcasts

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I was never a podcast person, I hated the idea of them and did not really understand anyone who enjoyed listening to podcasts. This all changed when I listened to Call Her Daddy around three years ago – now I am hooked and have explored other genre of podcasts and now, I am a podcast addict. Here I will share with you some other podcasts I have been enjoying, in the hope that if you too don’t like podcasts, you might give these a chance to change your mind.



The podcast that got me inti podcasts. Obviously, the topics discussed in this podcast are quite explicit and sex-orientated, and this is a topic I particularly enjoy discussing, and I never thought such a podcast could exist. When I tell you the first ew episodes of this podcast I was quite literally howling out loud whilst I was driving – I had finally found a podcast I enjoyed! I started listening to CHD during the start of the pandemic, I started from the start when Sophia was still co-hosting the show. I found the girls absolutely hilarious, and their brazen take on sex, blowjobs, relationships, sugar daddies and dating was enlightening. Fast forward to now, Alex Cooper has transformed her personal brand with a $60 million deal with Spotify and now interviews some of the biggest names in showbiz, who often don’t ever do interviews (Zayn Malik, Anastasia, Madison Beer to name a few). Cooper is now expanding her podcasting empire into a production house with her fiancee, and proves that female led podcasts are thriving.



Anatomy of a leader is such an insightful podcast that delves into the minds of company founders, and discusses their downfalls and growth with their companies. I hugely enjoyed the podcast with Venetia Archer (Ruuby) and hearing about how Ruuby was just one of her business ideas.



This episode broke down so many barriers for me. Beau Dunn is an incredible artist, who opened up about her battle with cancer, her life changing injuries sustained from falling off a Zebra (yes really) and her incredibly celebrity client base (including Kylie Kenner, Kris Jenner to name a few). This episode really captivated me and allowed me to get to know Beau Dunn on a very personal level.



Grave Beverley of sustainable activewear line Tala has a range of incredible guests. One episode I particularly enjoyed was the one featuring {ENTER NAME} on finance. My biggest takeaway from this episode was that mens underwear sales give a big indication of the economy. Grace also has health experts, influencers and other business owners who shed a light on a particular issue or topic.



I was looking for a podcast when I was experiencing some personal issues, including friend breakups. No-one really talks about the problems you can experience during your 20s, including relationship breakdowns, friendship break-ups, navigating a new city, exploring your career. There is just too much going on and no platform really delves into the reality of this, but I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and knowing that others feel the same I was at the time.



I’ve always heard of this podcast, but never gave it a listen until I saw Kim Kardashian did an episode, and I was of course intrigued. Ms (now) Kardashian famously – like the rest of the Karjenner clan, do not do interviews other than on the show. I found her episode really interesting, if offered insight into her life as a single mum of four children, and the running her incredibly successful Skims empire. I liked her more after listening to this. Speaking of Kim Kardashian…



I haven’t finished this podcast, but Kim Kardashian really is using her voice for good, and this podcast is an example of her work to free those who are wrongly accused. Just a reminder to people who despise her, she doesn’t have to help anyone, yet she is.





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