Marshall Proves That Good Things Come In Small Packages

by | May 11, 2023 | TECH

we review the cutest speaker on the market right now – the Marshall willen. 

Marshall are a big name in the speaker world, and are most famously known for their huge concert speakers, and rock stars plugging their guitars into a big Marshall stack. But did you know they also offer a vast range of home entertainment devices and portable speakers? I think I have stumbled across my absolute favourite to date – the Willen.


The first thing I thought when I opened Willen was, ‘oh how small and portable’. Willen is light, weighing just 0.31kg, she can go in your handbag to be brought out to make an appearance when needed.


As with all Marshall products, the sound is impeccable, ‘mighty sound, everywhere’ is Willer’s tag line, and we agree with it. Featuring a 2″ full driver, and 2 passive radiators, Willen may be small, but the sound quality is top class.

Willen connects seamlessly via bluetooth, and the only button you need is the gold dial on the front which controls the volume, on and off, and even skipping songs and pausing.


60% of the plastics are recycled from other electronics, Willen is good to the environment. Available in the classic Marshall black and gold, or this gorgeous cream, it becomes part of the interior decor, sitting proudly. It really is such a cute and chic little speaker, I am a little bit obsessed with Willen.


With an impressive 15 hours of battery life, the party will never stop with Willen. Perfect for daytime summer BBQ’s, or evening soirees – Willen really does look great everywhere, and for any occasion.

Willen is also dust and water resistant, meaning you can take her anywhere with you to enjoy the music. The attachment also makes it easy to strap on and enjoy from anywhere you may find yourself. If there are more of you, you can even link Willer’s in stack mode for larger environments.

The Marshall app allows you to fully customise your audio settings to your setting and music taste.


At just £99.99, I truly believe everyone needs a Willen for their next holiday or even your summer picnics. This is going straight into our “femme Tech Approved’ shop page, and I will be taking mine everywhere with me…just in case!


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