Is the Dyson AirWrap worth the hype?

by | Mar 7, 2023 | BEAUTY

Our contributing editor Charlotte Bendkowski tests out the Dyson AirWrap, and answers the one question we all want to know: is it worth it?

If you are an active spectator of the beauty industry, there is no doubt you’ll have seen the Dyson AirWrap being test driven on TikTok, or raved about on insta reels. I decided it wouldn’t be any use for me, as I have short frizzy hair that needs a straightener to smooth over the frizz, but after watching many tutorials and reading reviews I became intrigued. After several months of seeing its potential being paraded on social media, I caved and ordered one.

The technology in the AirWrap is like nothing we have ever seen before. The styler harnesses an aerodynamic phenomenon called the ‘coanda effect’, which curves the air to attract and wrap the hair to the barrel to curl it. The air then styles the hair instead of traditional heat stylers. The tool styles the hair by combining the moisture in your hair and the powerful airflow and controlled heat to not only dry, but also style your hair at the same time.

Depending on what set you choose, there are different style attachments. Attachments for curling, with two sized barrels, ones for smoothing and straightening, and even just a rough dry attachment to achieve different looks.

It arrived, and I was extremely excited. I went and wet my hair immediately so I could try this innovative, incredible new hair tool I had just made a hefty investment in. Never have I been so disappointed in my whole life. It wasn’t taking my hair, one piece would work but it wouldn’t curl properly, hours later and I had a half blowdried awkwardly curled – but -not – really hairstyle. I was fed lies, thinking after the first use that I would have Negin Mirsalehi’s insta-worthy curls, instead I resembled her sweet frizzy haired dog.

At this point, I was feeling let down by the promises of the product, so decided to delve into some more research and came across YouTuber Tati’s review of it. The video is titled ‘Dyson, I want my money back‘, but then there is a follow up video interestingly titled ‘Im sorry Dyson…take 2

After watching a few more videos, and having a few more attempts, I finally started to get the hang of how to use the tool. Due to its unique technology, it is not like anything I’ve ever used before on my hair. It required learning a completely new technique, and figuring out what works for your hair type.

It took patience, research and trying and failing MANY times to figure out how to use the AirWrap, but now I might even go as far as saying I mastered it after 4 months of continuous use. I now cannot imagine doing my hair without the AirWrap, it really does give you that perfect blow dry all from the comfort of your own home.

I do, however, believe the item is overpriced. It hurt me to buy it, and whilst I believe it’s an incredible tool with innovative and completely unique technology, is the £450 price necessary?

Having said that, if all of my hair tools were stolen by some strange hair tool robber, I would go out the same day and repurchase the AirWrap, for the following reasons.

  1. In one tool, I can create 3 different looks by using the different attachments.
  2. It’s also a hair dryer, so its great for travelling as all you need to take are the attachments, not a hair dryer, separate straightening iron and curlers.
  3. Its GOOD for your hair. I have notices such an incredible improvement in my bleached, damaged hair. My hair type is frizzy, and because of that I (pre airdrop) would straighten it after blowdrying, then the next day would have to go over certain areas, which was exposing more heat to my hair which in turn was damaging it so much more. Now that I don’t use a straightener, I only style my hair with air and not heat. This has resulted in the biggest noticeable transformation I have ever seen in my hair health.
  4. It makes you look polished and put together, without the £50 blow-dry each time
  5. On my hair, the blow-dry lasts 3 days, so it’s got great lasting power, which contributes to how healthy my hair is now.


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