Is Clothes Tagging The Future Of Traceability?

by | Nov 30, 2023 | FASHION | 0 comments

Edzard and Michael, two individuals with a profound respect for nature and a passion for innovation, embarked on a transformative journey. Their shared vision and quest for change led them to establish a unique brand that would revolutionize the fashion industry, redefining the essence of luxury.

Their adventure took them around the world, traversing diverse landscapes from verdant valleys to snow-laden peaks, in pursuit of the world’s most exquisite Merino wool. They sought out sheep raised by environmentally conscious farmers, valuing animal welfare and ecological balance. This quest gave birth to Sheep Inc, a symbol of their dedication and a beacon for their values.

At Sheep Inc, each piece of knitwear narrates a tale, beginning with a strand derived from the fleece of a specially chosen Merino sheep. The origin of every item is traceable, thanks to the innovative Connected Dot, an NFC tag seamlessly incorporated into the clothing. This groundbreaking technology provides transparency, allowing the owner to uncover the story behind their garment with just a phone tap.

However, their ambition extended beyond crafting exceptional knitwear. They aimed to revolutionize the fashion industry’s environmental practices. Rather than simply compensating for emissions, Sheep Inc aspired to make a positive ecological impact, committing to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than their production process emitted. This led to Sheep Inc becoming the first carbon-negative fashion label, a trailblazer in environmental stewardship.

For the Founders, each Sheep Inc item is more than a product; it’s a manifestation of their dream, a testament to the world they aspire to create, and an invitation to partake in a journey that transcends mere fashion. It represents a dream woven into reality, one stitch at a time.

Their journey continues, steadfast in their commitment to offer unparalleled luxury, maintain absolute transparency, and positively contribute to our shared environment. This is the enduring legacy of Sheep Inc. This is the Visionaries of Nature’s Harmony.


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