Chanel’s AI Lipscanner can find you any shade of lipstick

by | Feb 23, 2023 | BEAUTY

We tried the maison’s new virtual lipstick app and this is what we thought

Given makeup counters are not open, it has made it more tricky to find that perfect new lip shade. But Chanel have given us a solution with its new Lipscanner app.

The app allows you to colour match anything (I even shade matched to my canine companion, Bear), by taking a photo of it, the app then finds the correlating shade in Chanel’s range of lip products, which you can then try on virtually through a filter. Magic. If you find your perfect colour, you can shop it directly from your selfie too.

The medi lift mask was then attached to my face. It used EMS technology that sculpts the lower face and adds volume to the cheeks. This hands-free mask features three different settings, with six modes of intensity so that you can address various concerns.


Nude, pink or even a red, and each available in textures such as gloss, shine, metallic, satin and matte, which are all available to try on the app, they look incredibly realistic too. The Chanel Makeup Creation Studio has developed each existing colour and texture to virtualise more than 400 lip products, so you can try them all on wherever you are.

As the first colour scanner developed by Chanel, Lipscanner is the result of several months of development with the connected experience Lab and the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio.

The app has an incredibly unique algorithm, exclusive to the brand which trains to develop its analytical capacity on the basis of thousands of facial images. This process is an ongoing learning curve for the brand, and it will continue to develop for future releases of the brands lip products.

One thing that struck us as impressive, was the exact precision and accuracy the filter has to the lip shape, Lipscanner recognises and proposes the most exact colour matched product, whilst also taking into consideration skin tone and lip shape. The result is a perfect selfie that will have everyone fooled thinking you’re wearing a vibrant new lip shade.

Lipscanner by Chanel is an iPhone app available for free from 22 February 2021 in France, the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea and 15 other countries on the Apple App Store.

Download it here


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